Conflict / Dispute Resolution and Investigations

Curran HR understands, conflict management is very difficult to manage on a daily basis and will implement processes, policies and procedure to resolve disputes, enhance productivity and personal satisfaction in your Employees. Curran HR will serve as an impartial third party to help managers and employees express their workplace concerns, resolve and manage conflict, and learn more productive ways of communicating.

We specialise in independent workplace investigation services to organisations that are dealing with allegations of inappropriate workplace behaviour including grievance, disciplinary, bullying and harassment. Curran HR provides a range of investigation services, from dealing with informal complaints to significant formal investigations.

Our Services


Mediation is a problem-solving process used to resolve disputes and conflicts. It is an informal, yet structured process guided by Pauline Curran who serves as an impartial third party. Pauline Curran assists the parties involved to hold honest discussions, to feel safe in expressing emotions, opinions, and to work through problems in order to reach a resolution.

Independent Investigations

We ensure our independent workplace investigations relating to grievance, discipline, bullying, harassment are fair, impartial, prompt and thorough and our independent workplace investigators are focused and sensitive throughout the investigation process. We work utilising the Organisations policies and procedures and are guided by the relevant Codes of Practice. We deliver our findings in a written report format to include appeals process and procedures.

Dignity and Respect in the Work-place Workshops

Curran HR Consultancy provide onsite training workshops from the ground up to Directors/CEO/Business Owners to include Q&A sessions, listening to the voices of your employees and senior Management.

We provide management and employee training to Organisations in the areas of Dignity and Respect at Work, managing Bullying in the workplace and Investigation skills training for managers.

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